Kulshai.com is a multi-vendor market place in Oman. As the name suggests, a multi-vendor marketplace or store is a platform for third-party sellers to sell at one place. In simple terms, it is a big store that contains various small shops that are run by individual vendors.

Here are a few steps on how a multi-vendor market place works 

  1. The vendors register with the marketplace through paid or even free registration.
  2. Once the vendor registers and uploads his products, the customers can start purchasing from them.
  3. Store admin of the multi-vendor market place can charge a small fee on each transaction.
  4. Most of the payments are transferred to the store admin, and from there to the seller chosen.
  5. Product delivery is handled by the vendor itself or even the admin.
  6. Communication on faulty products can be conveyed to the vendor or even the store admin, which the seller handles.