Return & Refund

  1. The Company has a Return and Refund Policy (“R&R Policy”) which is applicable to the sale
    of Products through the Portal.
  2. The Vendor has been provided a copy of the R&R Policy or has been given access to the
    R&R Policy and the Vendor hereby confirms that the terms of the R&R Policy are acceptable
    to the Vendor.
  3. The Company shall prominently display the R&R Policy on the Portal so that the Customers are aware of the R&R Policy.
  4.  If a Customer is entitled to a return or refund for any Product in accordance with the R&R
    Policy, the Company shall make such return or refund solely on behalf of the Vendor as per the R&R Policy and adjust the amount so paid to such Customer from any amounts payable by the Company to the Vendor. The Vendor hereby agrees that such adjustments can be
    made from the amounts payable by the Company to the Vendor up to a period of 3 (three) months from the date of delivery of Products to the Customer.